My mission to quit cooking forever

  • Hellofresh — Cool, don’t have to do any shopping for dinner. Good ingredients, no wasteful portions, cals from 600–1000 per meal (for the big burger and chips one). Involved generally 30–45 minutes prep plus washing up (bleurgh). All ingredients came well packaged in a box, meat from local sounding retailers/perhaps “supporting the small guy”? Ingredients were all together so you had to pick the right things out from the recipes. Recipe cards were attractive and good for keepsies. Price: ??

  • Meals tried — Burger and Wedges, Cod with bed of roast carrots/courgette/potatoes, CHicken and Brown Rice, Soy Ginger thing

  • Mindful Chef — Paleo-type dinner menu, generally 500–600 cals consistently, nice menu cards, to the point instructions focused on keeping you busy and avoiding any dead time (there was some dead time with Hello Fresh — this all may just be because of the nature of the meals being cooked). Involved prep and washing up. Price: ??

    • Pork, Chicken, Beef
  • Fresh Fitness Foods — Very different beast (does every meal), Loved discovering this, they do *everything for you* and deliver daily between midnight and 6am (free inside the M25), so you wake up and food is there. Unlike Hello and Mindful they have a nutriton calculator on their website, ask age/weight/height and figure out how many calories you need, they also aim for every meal in a day (5 meals a day, configurable).